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Listen to the Church’s new 2022 youth theme album

The 2022 youth theme “Trust in the Lord” now has a theme song, a new album, and accompanying resources for youth and leaders.

Nik Day wrote and composed the music for the Trust in the Lord album. “I think youth connect with music a lot,” he told Newsroom, “and the messages in the songs are simple and catchy, which help remind them about the gospel and the importance of staying close to Christ.”

The 12-track album is now available to stream on 35 different platforms, including the 2022 youth theme website, Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Gospel Library, and the Sacred Music app. Additional language versions of the music will be added to these platforms as they are available. See a list of the songs below:

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The Church’s 2022 youth theme website has also been updated to include more resources for youth and leaders for the coming year including art, posters, banners, and MP3 downloads of each of the new music tracks.

The youth Face to Face event on January 29, 2022, will will focus on the year’s youth theme and premiere a music video for the theme song, “Trust in the Lord.”

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