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Coach Andy Reid says he never misses sacrament meeting, even helped bless a baby hours before Super Bowl win

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On the day of Super Bowl LVII, Coach Andy Reid helped bless assistant coach Porter Ellett’s new baby. The men are grateful to support each other spiritually.
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On an episode of the All In podcast, Coach Andy Reid of the Kansas City Chiefs was asked how he approaches Sabbath Day worship.

“We’re never missing sacrament one way or another,” Coach Reid replied. “We’ve always had phenomenal bishops since I’ve been in this crazy NFL thing that have been willing to work with us. … We run up to church, if we have an afternoon game or a night game, … [or] if not, then we do a sacrament meeting amongst ourselves with the permission of our bishops. … It might [only] be with three people or four people, but we’re going to make the thing work.”

One of the people who regularly joins Coach Reid for sacrament meeting is the assistant running backs coach, Porter Ellett. A fellow Latter-day Saint, Porter has been with the Chief since 2017.

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LDS Living recently spoke with Porter’s wife, Carlie Ellett, about what it means to them to work with a coach who shares their faith. When Porter first took the job, Carlie was concerned about how often he would need to work on Sundays. But Coach Reid’s commitment to the sacrament changed everything.

Porter and Carlie Ellett and their three children.
Courtesy of the Ellett family.

“To have somebody that Porter can perform the sacrament with and partake with was a giant spiritual stress reliever. This way, our whole family doesn't get to take it together, but the whole family gets to partake. And that’s what’s really important,” Carlie says, noting that, with three young children, she doesn’t travel to away games (except for the “wives’ trip” when Coach Reid’s wife, Tammy, invites all of the coach’s wives to an away game).

One particularly memorable sacrament meeting was held before Super Bowl LVII in 2023 in Arizona. The game was within driving distance to Utah, so many of Porter’s family members and Carlie’s parents were coming. Because Carlie and Porter live in Kansas City away from family, they decided to take advantage of so many family members being in town and blessed their new son, Griffin, at the sacrament meeting before the game. The Chiefs went on to win the championship later that day.

The day of Griffin Ellett's blessing. Coach Andy Reid is on the far left and Porter Ellett is near the center holding Griffin. The blessing was done during a sacrament meeting held before Super Bowl 57 on February 12, 2023.
Courtesy of the Ellett family.

Coach Reid participated in the circle blessing the infant, and it definitely wasn’t the first time he and Porter have supported each other spiritually.

“Their family has experienced significant trials during our eight seasons here, and our family has as well,” Carlie says. “And so they kind of have each other’s [backs].”

For example, Coach Reid was once taken to the hospital right after a game due to a health scare. He asked Porter and Carlie to meet him at the hospital so that Porter could give the coach a priesthood blessing. Over the years, other Latter-day Saint players and coaches (including Dan Sorenson, Matt Bushman, Devin Woodhouse, and Zayne Anderson) have also participated in blessings.

Porter and Coach Reid strive to be an example of their faith to other staff and players. Carlie says that one player that has asked a lot of questions is star quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

“He’s been really interested in it—not that he’s going to join, he’s not interested in that way, he’s just a curious person. He’s always up for learning about it,” Carlie says.

In his All In episode, Coach Reid says he tries to lead by example when it comes to both life and faith.

“We try the best we can to lead by example, [and] leading by example means that you’re following Christ’s teachings,” Coach Reid says. Later adding, “We’ve been blessed with that game plan to get us through our earth life. And so I bank on that a lot. And Jesus Christ is the main character in the scene. He’s a great person to learn from.”

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