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October 01, 2019 08:08 PM MDT
Based on the beloved novel by Jason F. Wright, Christmas Jars shares the story of Hope Jensen, a reporter who uncovers the remarkable secret behind a holiday phenomenon: money-filled glass jars anonymously given to people in need. The New York Times bestseller has created a new holiday tradition that has changed the lives of people in their time of need, all over the country. Christmas Jars is a one-night movie event that provides hope to all as we enter this special season. In theaters Monday, November 4 only, Christmas Jars is a heartfelt reminder that kindness truly is contagious.
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July 11, 2015 04:34 AM MDT
Purpose: To teach children the importance of choosing to obey the commandments
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February 01, 2014 05:51 AM MST
Salt Lake City, UT: Today, Deseret Book Company announces the launch of their 2014 art scholarship program, which enlists the talents of 30 professional and noted artists to create original works of art. Through the auction of these pieces, the Gospel Vision of the Arts scholarship is funded and provides resources to students training in the creation of inspirational works of art.
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June 07, 2013 04:14 AM MDT
The free eBook contains 20 recipes and videos from cookbooks such as Our Best Bites, Lion House Soups and Stews, Six Sisters’ Stuff, and more. Try out 20 easy and mouth-watering recipes including Lion House Bakery’s Raspberry Sticks, Recipes from the Roof’s Pistachio and Pine Nut-Crusted Salmon, and Our Best Bite’s Cranberry-Orange Chicken Salad. Get this special eBook offer now by going to
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May 29, 2012 07:12 PM MDT
Understanding the past can mean everything for our future. Religious questions. Career decisions. Family disagreements. Will and Liz are grappling with the same issues in the 1840s that Jeff and Abby face in the present. In the latest historical novel from best-selling author Dean Hughes, their parallel stories show how important a legacy of faith, determination, and courage can be in any age.
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