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Did You Know You Can Read Joseph and Emma's Patriarchal Blessings?


In a new series on the Church History website, the consultation team at the Church History Library is sharing some of the most frequently asked questions received through its “Ask Us” service.

The first post of the series answered various questions about Church administration, like when mission expenses were equalized or when the two-witness policy at baptism went into effect. It also shared the 1980 start date for the now discontinued three-hour meeting schedule as well as the 1915 beginning of family home evening. Another answer explains when congregations stopped kneeling during the sacrament prayers.

The second post of the series focused specifically on questions regarding patriarchal blessings, such as how to get a copy of one’s own patriarchal blessing or those of family members, information about patriarchal blessings and patriarchs, and the history of the calling of Patriarch to the Church. The second post also shares how readers can find Joseph Smith’s patriarchal blessing.

“Joseph Smith’s patriarchal blessing is available on the Joseph Smith Papers website,” the site reads. “He received it on December 9, 1834, from his father, Joseph Smith Sr. Emma Hale Smith received her patriarchal blessing on the same date, and her blessing can be found immediately after Joseph’s.”

Read more in the first and second post of the series or learn how to use the Church History Library’s "Ask Us" service here.

Lead image: Tom Smart, Deseret News

Newly released from The Joseph Smith Papers, the months in Documents, Volume 10 were times of dramatic change and increasing anxiety for Joseph Smith and the community of Nauvoo. The texts presented here, with their detailed historical annotation, make this volume a crucial resource for those seeking a deeper understanding of Joseph Smith as prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, as mayor of Nauvoo, as leader of the Nauvoo Legion, and as a man who, despite the constant pressure of events, continued to faithfully lead his people. Available now at

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