Didn’t venture out for Halloween? These Latter-day Saints are here to give you a taste of the holiday


The pandemic might have altered the usual festivities this year, but that didn’t stop Latter-day Saints from making the most of the holiday. From spooky to hilarious—not to mention some appropriately 2020-themed costumes—these social posts from Halloween celebrations past and present are sure to impress.

A wide cast of characters appeared on Brigham Young University campus for Halloween. Whether you’re a fan of the post-impressionist Vincent van Gogh, are looking for a blast from the past with a suffragette, or are in the mood for Star Wars characters old and new, these costumes have it all—and then some.

It's your favorite album of the year! Even though Halloween this year has looked a little different, we were glad to... Posted by BYU on Friday, October 30, 2020

Don’t miss Luke and Nelson dressing up as David Butler and Emily Belle Freeman, hosts of the “Don’t Miss This” YouTube channel, complete with chalkboard, scriptures, and bonus bloopers.

Posting a throwback photo from their childhood, Donny Osmond reflected on a time when his sister, Marie Osmond, was just getting into makeup, turning both herself and her brothers into these spooky ghosts.

Four little ghosts here to wish you a #HappyHalloween! We were Marie's first hair and makeup guinea pigs. It may have taken her a while, but I'm glad she finally figured it out. 😜 #TheOsmonds (Left to right: Jimmy, me, Marie, Jay.) — Donny Osmond (@donnyosmond) October 31, 2020

Lindsey Stirling looked back on a picture of her 8-year-old self when she dressed up as a kangaroo.

8 yr old Lindsey made this kangaroo costume; pattern and all. Structural problems included: tripping over my feet , sweating to death, and difficulty breathing through the snout. But I got to put my candy in the 🦘 pouch and that’s all I wanted. #HappyHalloween — Lindsey Stirling (@LindseyStirling) October 31, 2020

Over the weekend, Marie Osmond and her “little pumpkins” also posted some Halloween well wishes.

#HappyHalloween from me and all my little pumpkins!! 🎃🧡 Hope you all have a fun, safe weekend with family and friends! Are you dressing up this year? Tell me your costume! 🥰 #pumpkin #halloween — Marie Osmond (@marieosmond) October 30, 2020

Singer Calee Reed shared a little fun from her family for Halloween—at least, from those who could make it into the photo.

“Happy Halloween from a witch and her cat, a skeleton, a zombie pirate and a unicorn 🙌🏼❤️ (not pictured: Sleeping Beauty who decided to nap until after 6pm 😵 Looks like we’re partying ALL NIGHT, people!) Hope you had a super fun/super weird pandemic Halloween night hanging out with your people!”

Justin Osmond and his family showed up in costume with something sweet, inspired by the movie Willy Wonka.

Better late than never... From our family to yours, we hope everyone had a wonderful & spooky Halloween! Posted by Justin Osmond on Tuesday, November 3, 2020

For all the Napoleon Dynamite fans out there, Tell the Birds on Instagram reenacted a clip from characters Kip and Uncle Rico passing the time on the front porch.


Featured image: Instagram screenshot
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