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Disney, Facebook Adviser Shares One Thing the Church Is Doing Better Than Fortune 500 Companies


Church callings. Just when we feel we are getting a handle on them, we're called to something new and we're stretched in different ways. While it can be frustrating, the humility and learning that comes from the way the Church is structured is something Liz Wiseman thinks we need more of in the business world. “I actually think if corporations out in the business world adapted this same kind of system, amazing things would happen,” said Wiseman.

Apple, Nike, eBay, Disney, and Facebook are only a few of the Fortune 500 companies who have hired Liz Wiseman, an LDS mom and president of the Wiseman Group, to teach leadership strategy.

Wiseman, who is widely regarded as an expert on leadership, is slated to speak at RootsTech today but she recently spoke with the Deseret News about how her strategies for creativity, learning and leadership have been influenced by her experiences as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. From the church’s structure with church callings to growing up in a part-member family, Wiseman doesn’t shy away from discussing her faith’s effect on her career.

“My faith has helped me to see. It’s given me an interpretive lens on my research, and it’s helped me to find some deeper principles that go behind management techniques,” said Wiseman in an interview.

Lead image from Deseret News
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