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‘Do you even remember I’m four?!’ A lesson on belonging from Pres. Cordon’s cute grandson

Young Women General President Bonnie H. Cordon shared a sweet and tender moment with her young grandson Jack-Jack on her Facebook page last week. And with the sweet moment came an important life lesson for all of us.

After Sister Cordon hadn’t seen her grandson Jack for 10 days, he raced to her and suddenly exclaimed, “Grandma, do you even remember I’m four?!”

“Of course I hadn’t forgotten him,” Sister Cordon writes, “but aren’t we all like that sometimes? Have you ever looked up to say, ‘Do you know me? Does it even matter that I’m here? I’ve had a few skinned knees, but I’m still standing.’ …

“Sometimes the ache to know we belong bursts out of us like it did Jack-Jack, but there is purpose in the ache. It guides our hearts to look to heaven for answers, giving our Savior the chance to speak to us.”

You can see Sister Cordon’s entire post below.

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