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Donny Osmond's Advice for When You Struggle with Your Faith

In a recently released interview with the Mormon Channel, beloved LDS singer Donny Osmond shared his advice for those struggling with their faith in God:

1. Forget Yourself

"Forget yourself," is the first thing Donny shared. "Why? Because He's there knocking on the door. He communicates with us, and if there's a problem, it's typically with yourself." His sentiment echoes President Dieter F. Uchtdorf's famous line: "Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith."

2. Identify What's Holding You Back

"Find out what's holding you back," Donny said, "whether it be a Word of Wisdom problem or [something else]." Like the old saying goes, knowing the problem is half the battle.

3. Have Faith to Plant the Seed

Donny said, "You've got to just have faith." Take the advice from Alma 32. "Plant that seed, let it grow, don't doubt, and if it's good, it will just enlarge your soul." As a teen, Donny took his own advice about putting the word to the test. "I was about 15, 16 years old when I said, 'You know what, I've got to find out for myself if this is the true church.' So I just read my scriptures cover to cover and that's when I got my testimony."

4. Give God a Chance

Today, Donny says, "It's true. I put it to the test many, many times. You just have to give it a chance. Give God a chance. And it works! He knows what He's doing."

Listen to the full interview including more about Donny's conversion story at mormonchannel.org

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