Elder Andersen and Catholic Archbishop Surprise Couple Outside Temple on Their Wedding Day


Elder Neil L. Andersen's recent trip to conduct an area review of the Pacific has taken him to meet with members from thriving cosmopolitans to remote islands.

From Brisbane, Australia, to the Cook Islands, Elder Andersen met with members, commenting on their testimony and strong faith.

But, one special meeting with the Saints stood out amidst the rest. 

In Brisbane, Elder Andersen met with the Catholic Archbishop, the Most Reverend Mark Coleridge, and took him on a walk of the grounds of the Brisbane Australia Temple.

On their tour, the men met Stacey Vaoga and Junior Fiu who had recently been sealed and were taking wedding photos. 

“We explained to the archbishop about the standards of worthiness to be married in the temple,” Elder Andersen told the Deseret News, “the need for discipleship and faith. He was moved by the goodness of the couple.”

Impressed by the couple's love and faithfulness, the Archbishop extended a blessing to Sister Fiu.

“I told [Sister Fiu] later, ‘You are probably the only woman in the world who has ever received a Catholic blessing on the steps of the House of the Lord,’” Elder Andersen told the Deseret News.

For more details about Elder Andersen's trip, check out this article from theDeseret News.

Lead image from the Deseret News.
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