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Elder Andersen Shares 2 Key Things Every Marriage Needs to Be Successful


How can you improve your marriage or your relationships as you are dating? Elder Neil L. Andersen had the perfect advice when he spoke with students at Brigham Young University-Idaho this week.

Elder Andersen encouraged listeners to not be afraid to “take a chance with someone who might not be an obvious choice.”

Sharing his own experience, Elder Andersen spoke of his wife, Sister Kathy Williams Andersen, whom he noticed for being a person of very deep faith and intelligence, but also for her “certain sophistication.” He is grateful she took a chance on an "Idaho farm boy."

"We don’t have to only meet those who come from backgrounds just like our own," he said. "We look deeper and farther into who they are and who they will become.”

Key to a good relationship is complete honesty, unselfish humility, the apostle taught.

“As you progress in your dating to seriously considering sharing your lives together, you share your most private thoughts, your dreams and your fears,” he said. “You share who you are, who you have been and who you want to become. Complete honesty and unselfish humility.

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