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Elder Andersen Teaches College Students 3 Things Everyone Can Be Thankful For


While giving an address to LDS Business College students on November 19 in the Assembly Hall at Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah, Elder Neil L. Andersen of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles shared three things that we can always be grateful for—regardless of our circumstance.

Thanksgiving is “a time of gratefulness, thankfulness and pondering the blessings we have received from heaven,” said Elder Andersen. "Hopefully on Thanksgiving, we see beyond our challenges to the abundant blessings in our lives.” 

The three blessings that Elder Andersen chose to focus on were: the gift of life, the gift to choose, and the gift of the Savior Jesus Christ. 

After outlining these three blessings, Elder Andersen gave an example of a woman named Lora McPherson, who he considers to be a great example of showing gratitude in the midst of great trial and affliction. Despite suffering from tremendous health challenges that ultimately took her life at the young age of 26, McPherson wrote to Elder Andersen, "Whether God’s healing comes in this life or the next, I know He’s watching over me and is giving me and those around me experiences that will help us best fill our purpose on earth and be able to prepare ourselves to come back to Him.”

“Her very life had been challenged throughout her 26 years, yet she was remarkably grateful for the goodness of God,” said Elder Andersen. "Her example blessed me greatly."

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Lead Image: Courtesy of Church News, photo by Scott G. Winterton
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