Elder Gong Shares Watercolor Painting to Accompany His Touching Story of Elder Scott in Conference


In general conference, Elder Gerrit W. Gong spoke of a tender experience he had when Elder Richard G. Scott invited him to watercolor paint with him.

Not knowing how to watercolor, Elder Gong had some concerns. He told the story in general conference saying, "'Elder Scott,' I replied, 'I would like to become more observant and creative. I thrill to imagine Heavenly Father paints with billowing clouds and every hue of sky and water. But' —here was a long pause —'Elder Scott,' I said, 'I have no skill to watercolor. I worry it may frustrate you to try and teach me.'" 


Despite Elder Gong's concerns, the two met and Elder Scott helped him create a painting while they discussed faith. Elder Gong recently shared his painting on Twitter, encouraging others to try new, wholesome activities. 

Since General Conference, many have asked to see the campfire Elder Scott helped me paint. I share it not for its artistic merit, but as an encouragement to us all to try wholesome new things, and to continue to warm our hearts, hopes, and commitment at our campfire of faith. — Gerrit W. Gong (@GerritWGong) October 10, 2018

He shared a similar message in his talk. "There is joy in imagining, learning, doing worthwhile new things. This is especially true as we deepen faith and trust in Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ." 

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As we embark in learning new things and trying new activities, our minds can expand and we might even find a passion we never knew we had. We can use these talents and passions to bless others' lives and share the gospel. 


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