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Elder Holland Addresses the Horrors of Depression in New Church Video


In 2013, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland bravely shared over the pulpit about a time when he struggled with depression. Many throughout the Church remember his inspired talk, "Like a Broken Vessel," and the hope it brought to those who similarly battle depression, whether for a time or on a daily basis.

Recently, Elder Holland shared on his Facebook page a  video where Saints shared their personal experience with depression. Throughout the video, Elder Holland gives counsel and insights into how we can find hope even in the horrors of depression.

"We seldom think about what the Father went through as he watched a Son, a perfect Son, do what He did. I suppose everybody has had some kind of an experience where they say, 'I'm never going to be happy again.'

"Well, we are—we are going to be happy again. That's the nature of this plan. That's the nature of joy. We have to hang on and believe that."

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On his Facebook page, Elder Holland shared this sweet message: 

"Hang on and hope. Never lose faith in your Father in Heaven, who loves you more than you can comprehend. Never, ever doubt His love for you. Hold fast to the Atonement. Believe in miracles. When you’ve done all you can do, endure to the end. And remember, hope is never lost.

"Broken minds can be healed just the way broken bones and broken hearts are healed. While God is at work making those repairs, the rest of us can help by being merciful, nonjudgmental, and kind."

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