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Elder Holland discusses the ‘plague of pornography’ and assures heaven’s help to the struggling


What does COVID-19 have in common with pornography? According to Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, the similarities are striking.

Speaking at the Utah Coalition Against Pornography’s annual conference, Elder Holland compared the moral plague of pornography to the current pandemic and offered words of encouragement to those battling with pornography, as reported by Church News.

In one of several comparisons Elder Holland made between COVID-19 and pornography, Elder Holland explained how COVID-19 spreads through small, imperceptible droplets in the air. Likewise, pornography spreads through pervasive “little pornographic germs,” by television, movies, checkout counters, cell phones, and iPads. In both scenarios, those infected with small particles may not initially recognize the danger.

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There is hope for a vaccine with COVID-19. For those trying to overcome pornography, there is also hope. Elder Holland testified that the Lord will bless those trying to improve. “If you stumble in that pursuit, so does everyone; the Savior is there to help you keep going,” he said. “If you fall, summon His strength. Get back up. Call out like one did, ‘O Jesus, … have mercy on me’ (Alma 36:18).”

Read a full summary of Elder Holland’s remarks at Church News.

Lead image: Deseret News Archives
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