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Elder Holland says he is slowly returning to Church assignments

Image from Facebook.

An official statement from the Church in April announced that Elder Jeffrey R. Holland would be taking two months off to focus on his health. This morning, Elder Holland posted on Facebook, expressing gratitude for the prayers and sweet gestures extended to his family and announcing his gradual return to work.

“Your sweet gestures during this demanding time have reminded us that God watches over us, that we can always trust in Him, and that He very often answers our prayers through other people,” he wrote. You can read Elder Holland’s entire Facebook post below.

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The comments on his post were full of love, gratitude, and congratulations for Elder Holland.

Facebook user Aubri Krebs Sotutu wrote, “Exactly the words I needed to hear this morning. Thank you for your faithful service and unwavering faith and optimism.”

Datha Neely McCrea wrote, “Thank you so much for your comments. I too have been struggling for weeks with health concerns, and have been feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. Your words spoke to my heart. I must remember, I do not walk alone.”

And April Tribe Giauque wrote, “Welcome back! The Lord has blessed you to continue blessing us. Let’s do this, together. Stay strong! Ever praying.”

Elder Holland was also unable to attend April general conference after he and his wife Patricia both tested positive for COVID-19 but shared his Apostolic witness of and gratitude for the Savior on his social media accounts.

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