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Elder Soares Shares One Meaningful Gift That Hangs in His Office


Our prophet and apostles provide examples for us not only through what they do and say but also in what they surround themselves with.

For example, President Henry B. Eyring was so impressed by a quote from President Gordon B. Hinckley he carved the five words into a plaque and hung it in his home. The plaque reads, "My mission is to bless."

Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf has often told Church members of the two items he always carries with him: his temple recommend and a miniature For the Strength of Youth pamphlet. More recently, Elder Uchtdorf shared on Facebook the spiritual significance he finds in a piece of the Berlin Wall that he keeps in his office at Church headquarters.

Elder Dale G. Renlund similarly explained an important object that hangs in his office, writing on Facebook:

"After I was called to be a General Authority Seventy in 2009, President Thomas S. Monson invited my wife, Ruth, and me into his office to set me apart. . . . One of the paintings in President Monson's office caught my attention. It is a depiction of the Savior, as painted by Heinrich Hofmann. Immediately, I knew that I wanted the same picture in my own office. I arranged for a copy of the painting to be framed so that I could take it with me to Africa. It hung in my office in Johannesburg for five years and now hangs in my office in Salt Lake."

Recently, Elder Ulisses Soares shared the story behind a beautiful image of the Savior that hangs in his own office, saying:

"This mosaic that hangs in my office was presented to me by dear friends when I left Brazil for the last time. It is so beautiful in its color, detail, and in its message.
"I have experienced much change in my life in the past few weeks, and this image has been a constant for me on the wall in my office. As I look at this beautiful mosaic and contemplate the peaceful countenance of the Savior, I remember that He is constant in our lives. I know He is always there for you, as He has been for me. He is there for us in the good times and in the bad. His hand is always stretched out, and it is our blessing and opportunity to reach back to Him so that we can welcome His love and guidance in every moment of life."

Each of these objects can teach us about the men who cherish them, but more importantly, they point us toward the One they follow. I am grateful for prophets and apostles who seek to emulate and surround themselves with the love and teachings of our Savior.

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