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Elder Uchtdorf shares heartbreak for refugees + how we can help

In a characteristically warm and compassionate message from Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf, the Apostle shared on Facebook his feelings of heartbreak for refugees who have been forced from their homes due to violence and war. He also shared his own story of fleeing dangerous conditions in his country as a young boy. Elder Uchtdorf has been a refugee twice in his life, once as a 4-year-old boy fleeing Czechoslovakia with his family during World War II and later as an 11-year-old escaping from East Germany with his family after the war.

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On Facebook, he wrote, “Many of us feel helpless. I can assure you that this feeling of helplessness permeates the hearts and minds of those fleeing violence right now as well. Though the conditions are dire, we are not helpless. Our connection to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ can heal our wounds, our hearts, and the world.

“We are children of one Heavenly Father. We are all brothers and sisters. Our two great commandments are to serve God and our fellowman. Please find an opportunity to help those in need—even if all you can do is pray and fast on behalf of those who struggle. Small acts of kindness mean everything to those who have lost so much.

“I pray all of those who have been forced from their homes will be able to feel God’s love through your acts of kindness.”

See the entire message below.

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