Fab Five: FHE Lessons and Matching Desserts

Good for the sweet tooth and for the soul.


Photo: From Valerie's Kitchen
1. FHE: Family History

Family history through food? Yes, please. Use this old family Lemon Bar recipe to celebrate the many things are ancestors have given us - or find your own family recipe to use.


Photo from Baked Bree
2. FHE: Change of Heart

This simple Magic Chocolate Flan Cake actually reverses positions in the oven. Show your family before and after pictures to illustrate that we can make reversals in our life for the better through Jesus Christ.


Photo from Cooking Classy
3. FHE: Joy

These Almond Joy Cupcakes are like little cups of joy.


Photo from Crafting in the Rain
4. FHE: God's Love

Don't you just love this heart-shaped Puff Pastry Valentine Dessert (good for any time of year)? Added bonus: only three ingredients, and so easy.


Photo from The Hungry Australian
5. FHE: Simplicity

This Strawberry Granita involves only four ingredients, your blender, a freezer, and a few hours. (Note: you can substitute honey or maple syrup for the rice malt syrup.)

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