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February 2012 Sharing Time: Choose to Obey

Preparation: Obtain a bean bag and two buckets or baskets. Label one bucket, “YES” and the other bucket, “NO.” 

Presentation: Explain to the children that commandments are the rules or laws that Heavenly Father wants us to live by. We find the commandments in the scriptures, or by listening to the prophet. We show our love for Jesus Christ by obeying the commandments. When we obey the commandments the Lord gives us many blessings.

Display the yes and no buckets. Give a child the bean bag. Read one of the situations below. Have the child toss the bean bag into the “YES” bucket if the example is one of choosing the right and into the “NO” bucket if they did not choose the right. Review and discuss the situation as needed, reminding the children what blessings they might receive when they choose the right.

Hand the bean bag to another child and read the next situation. 

• Michael eats fruit and vegetables and other healthy foods.

• Peter helps his mother clear the table even when she doesn’t ask him to.

• Maria argues about going to bed.

• Rosa loves to read the scriptures with her mother and father each night.

• Henry listens to the Sacrament prayers and thinks about Jesus when he takes the bread and water.

• Adam wants to play a video game that has bad pictures and uses bad words.

• Pilar invites the new girl to play with her during recess.

• Everett complains that church is always boring.

• Micah likes to learn the songs and sing in Primary.

• Ricardo plays on the swing set when his father asks him to help rake the leaves.

• Lucia chose not to wear a shirt that didn’t cover her body very well.

• Max’s friends find a cigarette while walking home from school. They decide to try it.

• Kimlee chose to play in a soccer tournament on Sunday.

• Amilyn eats more cookies, candy, and soda than good food.

• Kiki’s little sister broke Kiki’s toy, but Kiki forgave her.

• Jonah sees a toy he likes at the store and puts it in his pocket.

• Julia decided not to play with children who were saying bad words.

• Fernando likes to go to Primary to learn about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

Testify that you know the children will receive blessings if they obey the commandments.
Sing songs to reinforce the concept, such as “Keep the Commandments,” Children’s Songbook, p. 146; “Nephi’s Courage,” CS, p. 120; “Choose the Right Way,” CS, p. 160; and “Choose the Right.” Hymns, no. 239.

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