Pause the Christmas music—this new Thanksgiving anthem puts gratitude on full blast

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As the weather turns crisp, an age-old debate begins: Should Christmas festivities begin on November first, or should Thanksgiving be given its proper moment?

In the spirit of celebrating gratitude, the musical duo Truman Brothers decided it was high time Thanksgiving got a new anthem.

Truman Brother’s original song “Thank You” is a part of their new Christmas album The Sounding Joy. However, they have released the song as a single so that everyone can enjoy it during the Thanksgiving season. They also just released a music video for “Thank You” that shows the heartwarming scene of a Thanksgiving day focused on appreciating family.

You can catch a live performance of “Thank You” and other original songs from Truman Brothers on November 15 at 7 p.m. at the Nativity Market.

Both Chad and Ben Truman have loved introducing fans to the new song in recent concerts. Chad describes “Thank You” as not just a Thanksgiving single, but a song that they could perform at any time of year. Watching fans begin to learn the words and sing along to “Thank You” at their recent concerts has been an experience Chad loves. “I'm so excited for people to hear it. I think it's impossible to have a bad day or a bad week when you're grateful,” Chad says.

Even those who love Christmas music will want to stop and listen to this new Thanksgiving anthem. “Thank You” helps us remember just how much we are blessed with. “Gratitude will change everything and keep you honed in,” Chad says. “My favorite line from Thank You is ‘I just want to be thankful.’”

Give gratitude a spot in your home this month by listening to “Thank You,” available on major streaming platforms. And see the video below.

You can also find Truman Brother’s full album, The Sounding Joy, at Deseret Book.

The Sounding Joy

In their new album, the Truman Brothers celebrate Christmas with their characteristic passion and positivity. This series blends Christian rock, pop, and gospel-inspired themes to spin Christmas classics into entirely new arrangements. As always, the Truman Brothers' sound incorporates energetic anthems with catchy choruses and undeniable melodies. Listeners will enjoy an upbeat version of "The First Noel," featuring vocalist Madilyn Paige; a rare original Thanksgiving tune, "Thank You"; and other hope-filled songs. The two musicians aim to inspire and remind listeners of he importance of faith and the potential for good in the world. If you're looking for refreshing takes on holiday music, this album is for you!

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