Latter-day Saint Life

Finding Relief in Times of Weakness and Trials

Towards the end of 2013, John Bytheway and I flew together to Temecula, CA and both spoke at a Mid Single's Conference. He told me a story that I will never forget, and by 'never forget' I mean, I mostly forgot the story, but not the message, haha (My apologies to John for butchering your story).

He told me of when he was younger and he was having a particularly hard time and he spoke with, I think was his Bishop, and his Bishop told him, "Don't worry John, this will pass." And he was right! The next day John Bytheway felt much better and he was filled with comfort and understanding and happiness! He happened to see his Bishop that day and he said, "Bishop, you're right! It did pass!" And his bishop responded, "John, this, too, shall pass."

And so it is with life! Filled with really incredible days. 

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