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First Presidency discusses 'clouds of sorrow' brought on by the pandemic and the silver linings that can be found


Like many in the world, President Russell M. Nelson said he feels sorrow concerning the pandemic, especially for those who have faced and continue to face dire circumstances or disappointment. Then the prophet added, “I’ve learned that even through clouds of sorrow, there can be silver linings found.”

The final installment of a Church News series features counsel from members of the First Presidency during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the article, the First Presidency discusses not only some of the challenges caused by the pandemic, but also some of the lessons learned from it.

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Silver Linings | President Russell M. Nelson on temples during a pandemic

President Dallin H. Oaks said the difficulties brought on by COVID-19 are not unique to this time. Even in the lives of some Latter-day Saints, the world has faced war, depression, and natural disasters. He also said some people view COVID-19 as a punishment for the wicked. “We prefer to look on COVID-19 as an opportunity for the righteous to grow,” he told Church News.

President Henry B. Eyring added that the crucial thing is to “connect with God” and to realize that “God is walking with you. It is a feeling of trusting in the Lord, that He is watching over you. . . . The only way to deal with fear is faith.”

Despite the challenges, “individual heroes have emerged,” President Nelson said, praising health care professionals and providers who have risked their own lives to care for others as well as noting how members have responded. He added that the home has become “reenthroned as the primary sanctuary of their faith,” missionaries “are teaching more than ever,” and members are focusing on service and completing family history work. Fast offering and humanitarian aid contributions have increased as well, the prophet said.

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The Care of Others | COVID-19 is the Church's largest-ever humanitarian response

President Nelson noted that the Lord directs His Church.

“We are not through with revelation or with the Restoration,” he said. “The Lord will accomplish many wonderful things before He comes again.”

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