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First Presidency Letter: Parents’ Role to Protect Children from the Effects of Pornography


A recent letter from the First Presidency reiterates that parents have the primary responsibility to teach their children, including protecting children from the effects of pornography.

On Wednesday, January 29, the First Presidency sent a letter addressed to all members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

“Today, pornography is pervasive and easily available,” the letter reads. “Unfortunately, many children are exposed to pornography, which in some cases has led them to develop unrighteous patterns and habits. To protect family members from the evils of pornography, we invite parents to have family discussions to develop guidelines about how to use media and technology in positive and safe ways. These conversations will provide opportunities for parents to teach that the powers associated with creating families are sacred and central to God's plan.”

The First Presidency invites individuals to visit for resources to help prevent the use of pornography.

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The website was updated by the Church in September 2018 and features useful resources and videos from Church leaders addressing the topic of pornography.  

Various sections on the website cover different people affected by pornography: individuals, spouses, parents, leaders, and resources.

The parent section includes resources that answer questions like: “How can I prepare and protect my child?,” “How do I respond with love?,” and “How can I support change?”.

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“As parents, we want our children to come unto Christ and experience the peace and joy the gospel brings,” an overview on Addressing Pornography reads. “Many of us worry about how to help our children handle the challenges they will encounter during life, including pornography use. Raising children in a world with many trials and temptations can be frightening. However, as we pray for guidance, we will be blessed with the direction we need to help safeguard our children.”

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