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Haunting, Unforgettable Mashup of "Say Something" and "Angel" by GENTRI and Madilyn Paige


Inspired by the documentary The Abolitionists, GENTRI created a mashup of the songs "Say Something" by Great Big World and "Angel" by Sarah McLachlan to raise awareness for Operation Underground Railroad, a nonprofit organization composed of former CIA, Navy SEALS, and Special Ops operatives that travel the world to rescue children being human trafficked. 

The Abolitionists follows Operation Underground Railroad's story and the story of Timothy Ballard, the LDS former CIA agent who felt inspired to begin the organization. LDS singer Madilyn Paige, from The Voice, joined GENTRI for this stunning performance.

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"Say Something/Angel" (feat. Madilyn Paige - O.U.R. Tribute) | GENTRI Covers

For more from GENTRI, check out their latest album,Rise, and check out Madilyn Paige's self-titled debut album.


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