Have you been singing the wrong lyrics to David Archuleta’s single ‘Crush’ for 13 years?

Danielle Christensen

In 2008, David Archuleta released his hit debut single “Crush.” Today, 13 years later, it remains one of Archuleta’s most popular songs with over 128 million views on YouTube. The 30-year-old even recently joked on Twitter that despite his new music release—on July 28, he came out with the single “Movin”—fans really just want him to sing “Crush.”

But in a new TikTok video, Archuleta explained that the lyrics to the chorus of “Crush” aren’t quite what many people have thought over all these years. Instead of “Is it really just another crush,” he said the words are actually, “Is it real or just another crush.”

“Hate to break it to you all,” Archuleta said, smiling. The TikTok video now has over 63,000 likes and over 1500 comments on the social media platform.

Watch the video here.

In March of this year, Archuleta did a mash-up of “Crush” to Taylor Swift’s “Love Story,” which was also released in 2008. Less than 24 hours later, Swift responded on Twitter saying how much she loved the version.

But music isn’t the only thing on Archuleta’s mind these days—at least, not in the typical fashion. Recently, the lyrics to one of his songs have also inspired him to write his first children’s book.

In 2016, Archuleta released the single “My Little Prayer” during the Church’s Light the World campaign. In a YouTube description of the song, Archuleta explained the origins of how it came to be, saying he fell asleep before saying a prayer.

“Something unusual happened. It was different than anything I had experienced before,” he said. “In my dream, I was praying—having a conversation with God. The conversation was also different. I was singing. I could hear simple chords in my dream that I was laying a simple melody and prayer on top of. As I was having this conversation in music with God, He told me to get up and write this down.”

In the dream, Archuleta explained that he was asleep, to which God responded that if he didn’t get up, he would forget the dream in the morning. Trying to wake up and ultimately succeeding, Archuleta then headed straight to the piano and wrote the song, which he said was “the fastest I had ever written a song because I feel this one was given to me.”

This song is now the foundation for Archuleta’s book by the same name, which is centered on the love that can be found in our personal relationship with God. The story brings art, music, and faith together into one place.

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Featured image: TikTok screenshot

My Little Prayer

Based on the lyrics of David's popular and moving song, My Little Prayer tells the story of a young boy who discovers that what God wants for him is even better than what he wanted for himself. Learn to trust, learn faith, and most of all, learn to pray in this beautifully woven tale of art, music, and faith.

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