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Heavenly new Tabernacle Choir single will have you meditating in no time

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The Tabernacle Choir has released a new single, "Meditation," arranged by Mack Wilberg.
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The Tabernacle Choir has released a new beautiful single inspired by some of the most classic music of all time.

According to the YouTube description, “Meditation” was adapted from Prelude No. 1 of The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1 of Johann Sebastian Bach by the French composer Charles Gounod.

“[Mack] Wilberg’s arrangement features elements of J. S. Bach and Charles Gounod’s ‘Ave Maria’ mixed with a meditative vocal undertone,” the description reads.

The description also relates how the number was arranged by Wilberg when COVID-19 prevented the Choir from performing live and recording its weekly Music & the Spoken Word broadcasts. So during that time, the Tabernacle Choir music director arranged pieces that the Choir would be able to perform once they could sing live once more.

Beginning with a beautiful piano solo that’s joined by strings and the Choir, “Meditation” truly lives up to its name. Recorded in the Tabernacle on Temple Square, the music video also shows peaceful shots of waterfalls, the ocean, and impressive mountains. It originally aired on Music & the Spoken Word in March 2022.

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The single is the first to be released in a series and is available for streaming. Add it to your favorite streaming service here or watch the video in full below.

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