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Here are the newest (and most helpful!) features in the Church’s Member Tools app

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Over the last three months, the Church has been rolling out a major update to its Member Tools app.
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What started out as a basic ward directory app for members of the Church in 2010 has now become a full-fledged toolbox to help individuals minister more effectively at home, in classes, and across wards and stakes.

Over the last three months, the Church has been rolling out a major update to its Member Tools app for iOS and Android device users. And additional changes are coming to the Leader and Clerk Resources (LCR) section of the Church’s website.

In a video released by the Church on December 13, 2023, Bishop Gérald Caussé, Presiding Bishop of the Church, talked about both the origins and purpose of these resources.

“Originally this app was only a directory of members, and that was very helpful to members and still is,” he said. “But we have added, over time, more features with the intent of simplifying the work of local leaders and giving them easy access to the information that is important for them.” …

New features in Member Tools 5.0 include:

  • Home screen personalization allows for changes to size, order, and color of tool tiles.
  • Users can now see their assigned temple and the temple nearest their current location (location permission required).
  • Temple ordinance schedules are available.
  • Names can be submitted to the temple prayer roll.
  • Temple recommend expiration reminders can be enabled.
  • Missionary contact information is available for missionaries assigned to a user’s ward and serving from a user’s ward and stake.
  • Users can connect friends with the missionaries nearest them.
  • Local leaders can view reports, move membership records, and record priesthood ordinations.

You can read this full article on Church Newsroom here.

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