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Hilarious Video: After Surgery, LDS Man Cries at the Thought of Going to Pack Meeting


After his knee surgery, Spencer Anderson got fairly emotional at the idea of having to go to a pack meeting that night. While still under the effects of an anesthetic, Anderson shares feelings many of us may have felt on a bad day.

"I don't want to go. It's the worst. It's so boring, unless it's the pinewood derby—that's okay. But the other stuff is so boring and I hate the chairs too; they're the worst. I can't even stand up because my leg hurts so I can't do the chairs," Anderson says. "I'm not sad about it. I just can't stop crying about it."

Then, when Brooke, his wife, reminds Anderson with a laugh that there is no pack meeting that night, he continues, "Why am I crying about it? I know there's no pack meeting."

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Post Knee Surgery...true Feelings About Pack Meeting

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