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How I Lost 200 Pounds by Relying on the Atonement


MR says: What an inspiring story of overcoming an addiction of something we are also dependent on: food. For more information on overcoming food addiction through the gospel, click here.

Sheri Farley’s early flirtation with eating vegetarian didn’t last long. When she returned to eating a standard American diet, she started gaining weight.

Various diets helped in losing weight, but the weight loss never lasted. She yo-yo dieted her way up to 350 pounds. By this time, she was very sick and always exhausted. When her doctor advised a low-fat diet and recommended vegetarianism, she returned to this way of eating with enthusiasm.

But although she lost some weight, she still fought with the demons of food addiction.

How I Lost 140 Pounds by Relying on the Lord

Sheri wanted to get healthy and lose the weight that had tormented her her whole life, but she couldn’t seem to make it happen. She recalls, “I felt I was losing the battle . . . there was no hope . . . I was too far gone.”

Sheri felt as “out of control as an alcoholic,” but this thought reminded her of a friend who had lost weight by attending a 12-step program for food addiction. Something clicked for Sheri, and she resolved to join an addiction recovery group. After her very first meeting, she reports, “I knew I was where I would be supported and safe from the torment of my food and weight.”

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