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How One Couple Became Elder and Sister Soares's "Angels" Long Ago


A touching story about how seeking to do good and follow promptings can lead to being in the right place at the right time. 

On a Sunday morning in the late 1990s, Lanenga and his wife, Teri, arrived for their Church meetings. As always, they kept their eyes out for would-be dinner guests. Waiting in the foyer was a couple visiting with their family from Brazil.

Teri first smiled and extended her hand of fellowship to the visitors, and her husband introduced himself to them shortly thereafter. The guests introduced themselves as Ulisses and Rosana Soares.

They sat with their new friends during church before joining them around the Lanenga dining room table for dinner. “We spent a beautiful afternoon talking about the gospel,” recalled Elder Soares, “it was like an informal family home evening.”

As they were leaving, Lanenga pressed his business card into his new friend’s palm.

“Jon told me, ‘If you need anything during your stay, we are here for you,’ ” said Elder Soares. “This man and his family were like angels to us.”

Several hours later, a phone call awakened the Lanengas.

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