Latter-day Saint Life

How the Best Mexican Food I've Ever Had Led to Someone Joining the Church


It's funny how the simple and often seemingly inconsequential things really can make all of the difference in changing someone's life for the better.

In September 2013, while I was serving as president of the Mexico Cuernavaca Mission, my assistants and I traveled to a distant town, Ciudad Altamirano, to transact some mission business. In preparing for the trip, I felt impressed to stay at a local hotel, different than one I had stayed at previously.

We arrived late in the afternoon, about the hour everyone eats their main meal of the day. I asked the hotel clerk for a recommendation on where we might find someplace to eat. She suggested a restaurant downtown but then added, “There is a place just a few blocks away that is also good.”

“Great! That’s where we will go!” I replied. We were hungry and the restaurant was close, making the decision easy.

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