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How the Story of Enos Came to Life for Me in the Newest Book of Mormon Video


As I have watched the Book of Mormon videos that have been released each Friday over the last few months, I have been surprised at how many details in the scriptures I have missed, understood differently, or forgotten. For instance, in this week's video, which shows us the story of Enos's mighty prayer, I was given a new insight into why Enos was so preoccupied with his salvation while he was out hunting. In the pages between the end of Jacob and the beginning of Enos, I missed making the connection that it might have been because he was just given a heavy spiritual responsibility to continue the record his father (and the Nephite prophet), Jacob, had been keeping. It really helped me feel and understand the longings of Enos' heart as he talked to his Savior in prayer. 

I'm excited to begin studying the Book of Mormon in Come, Follow Me this year and to have these new videos as another tool for learning about the Savior and those who follow Him in the scriptures. Check out the lastest Book of Mormon video below and see what new insights you gain, and also find a great new Come, Follow Me resource for this year's Book of Mormon study at the Sunday on Monday podcast.

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Enos Prays Mightily | Enos 1 | Book of Mormon

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