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How to Balance Serving with All Our Might and Preserving Our Health


Many Latter-day Saints serve selflessly in their wards and stakes to fulfill their callings and Church duties. While this work is vital to the Church, it's also important to maintain a balance between serving with all our might and preserving our health. Here are a few ways we can accomplish this balance. 

Husbands and wives who are equally yoked serve in the kingdom with the same enthusiasm, the same level of devotion. A husband may home teach a new family and his wife will invite them over for family home evening. A wife may visit teach a sister, and her husband will mow the sister’s lawn. A wife may organize a girls’ camp and the husband chaperone. A husband may baptize a new convert and the wife give a talk at the baptism. We know service is sweeter when shared with a friend. Working side by side in this great cause strengthens that friendship with your spouse.

Supporting a spouse means both husband and wife serve the Lord. So if your husband is anxiously engaged in the work, you will elect to be anxiously engaged too. With two anxiously engaged servants in your home, you may be a tad anxious at the depth and breadth of the responsibility that prevails in both of your lives. Your own plate will fill up rapidly, and you will be challenged to find moderation.

My husband and I have tried hard to discover balance while both immersed in service to the Lord. Living in Florida magnified this challenge.

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