How to prepare physically and spiritually to receive peace


Whether for emergencies, tests, college, or missions, we’re often given the same short piece of advice: prepare. But have you ever thought about preparing for peace? That’s what Brooke Walker, host of KSL’s Studio 5 and BYUtv’s Family Rules! set out to understand: how can we prepare ourselves to receive and experience more peace? And why is it important?

On this week’s episode of the Magnify podcast, Brooke discusses three things she does to prepare both physically and spiritually to receive peace.

Read the book

There is a double meaning here: We can physically read the book (the Book of Mormon) and we are promised peace when we do. But “read the book” doesn’t mean to just read the scriptures—it means putting in the work to understand them. Brooke shares a story of an interview she once had where she took the time to read a guest’s book, and because she had prepared in that way, the connection and the interview went more smoothly than other interviews when Brooke hadn’t had as much time to prepare. “I think there is such wisdom, and ultimately such peace in doing the work, in reading the book, in throwing yourself into an activity. And I’m a mom, so give me dry shampoo, but there are times when thoughtful preparation really matters!” Brooke shares.  

Carve out white space

It’s no secret that our physical surroundings affect our internal spirit. We are spiritual beings living in a physical world, so we need to find space to connect with the Spirit. Brooke says, “I think there is something about simplifying and creating white space around us. Give yourself that physical breathing room. We know our surroundings affect how we feel and there is research that supports that our surroundings affect how we act.”

As a busy mom of four, Brooke understands that most women don’t have a lot of time and space to carve out white space in their lives and homes. But it can be as simple as designating a chair as your own quiet space! With time and patience, there comes greater capacity to carve spiritual white space by finding increased time to go to temple.

Anticipate the peace

God has promised us peace, and so we need to be looking for it all around us. Brooke shares a story of a family that has six kids under the age of ten. This family is very intentional about choosing to find peace in the chaos and look for it on the daily. “Ultimately, we are sent to this earth to be more like our Heavenly Father. I like to think that peace is one of His shining characteristics. He is a peaceful God and a peaceful Father. He has promised us peace, and trusting that it will come is part of our faith experience,” says Brooke.  

To hear these tips and how Brooke and Kathryn challenge Magnify listeners to prepare for peace, tune in to this week’s Magnify episode!

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