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How to Teach Your Kids Honesty


Honesty: let's be honest, it's a hard virtue to teach. When there are so many grey areas in the world and so many white lies, how can we expect to teach our kids the importance of honesty?

When it comes to instilling lasting, practical values in kids, Shakespeare was spot-on when he penned the words, “No legacy is so rich as honesty.” Honesty learned in youth provides lifelong blessings for children. Their relationships will be stronger. They’ll enjoy more freedoms, and they’ll experience more feelings of self-worth and peace throughout their lives.

Teaching the Why

Simply telling kids to be honest isn’t enough. They’re more likely to choose honesty for themselves when they understand why it’s important and how it will positively affect their lives.

Throughout childhood and beyond, children will encounter all kinds of social situations when being honest is not the popular choice, but when they understand the why, they’re more likely to have the courage, understanding, and maturity to be honest anyway.

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