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Watch the colorful 2021 Luz de las Naciones celebration here

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Luz de las Naciones, or Light of the Nations, has become a treasured celebration of Latin American music, dance, and culture for members of the Church.

The 2021 celebration was broadcast on November 20, and you can watch the full 50-minute celebration in the player below:

The 2021 theme was “A Light for Everyone,” with an emphasis on hope and perseverance in the face of trials.

“[It is] a message in itself because we need that light or even a glimpse of light of hope in these turbulent days,” General Authority Seventy Elder Walter F. González told Newsroom.

The cultural celebration features hundreds of volunteer singers, dancers, and performers wearing culturally authentic clothing and representing nearly every country in Latin America.

One of this year’s soloists, Alex Melecio, has been performing in the program since 2007. He and his five children all performed in this year’s Luz de las Naciones.

“You know, I think music is just part of our DNA,” he told Newsroom. “I think through music, we’re able to communicate feelings that you can’t in any other way, and you can also relate to those feelings when other people express those things.”

According to the most recent Church statistics, 40.2 percent of all Church members live in South America, Central America, the Caribbean, and Mexico.

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