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How Yellowstone’s flooding is affecting Latter-day Saints

Credit: Jeffrey Oliphant | Deseret News

Unbelievable images and videos are coming from Yellowstone National Park and southern Montana this week, as huge flooding tore away hillsides, roads, and even the foundations of homes.

Rivers were swiftly moving far above their banks, and all entrances to the national park were closed. News reports outline some of the extensive flooding that washed out roads and bridges, knocked out power, left communities isolated, and made drinking water unsafe in some areas.

The Church News reached out to bishops, branch presidents, and stake presidents who serve in the areas around the large national park, encompassing parts of Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.

The Bozeman Montana Stake includes Gardiner Branch, where Church members living in towns near Yellowstone’s north entrance would attend. Gardiner Branch President Jay Bair said the flooding has affected them—the area became isolated and surrounded by water. But Stake President Jaeson Repscher responded to a Church News inquiry saying that the members are doing OK.

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