If Toy Story Characters Had Church Callings


Can you believe the first Toy Story movie came out 24 years ago? Since then, we've loved, laughed, and cried with our favorite toy characters through four movies. But have you ever wondered what it might be like to serve with Buzz or Woody? Here's what we think that would look like:

Buzz is the new Young Men leader who doesn't remember what it is like to hang around 12- to 18-year-olds at camp. 

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head are the nursery leaders. (Mr. Potato Head was very happy about the fact that nursery is now only an hour.)

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Ken is the ward activities director who goes to infinity and beyond with everything.

Wheezy is the choir director who tries to convince everyone that the choir can pull off an eight-page, four-part medley of three hymns with only two weeks notice.

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Woody is the ever encouraging bishop who keeps everyone together.

Rex is the member of the elders quorum presidency in charge of coordinating ministering interviews.

Trixie is the family history consultant who is so excited to show anyone with even moderate interest how to index.

Jessie is the Young Women leader who is determined to get all of her girls through Personal Progress before the new year.

Sarge is the Primary leader trying to get his class to walk in a straight line to the drinking fountain.

Bo Peep is the bishop's wife bracing her husband for a week at youth camp.

Zurg is the ward sports coordinator who does a great job, but sometimes takes things a little too seriously.

Lead image from IMBd.

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