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"I'm a Mormon" Video: Chilean Doctor Puts Career on the Line for Family


Vivian Muñoz, a Chilean doctor and mother of seven, knows where her priorities lie. When it came to her family or career, she laid it all on the line to do what she felt was her true calling in life. Check out more of these touching personal stories and accounts at

Vivian says: Ever since I was a little girl, I have had the unique, special experience of communicating with my Maker, through personal prayer. On many occasions, I have had feelings, thoughts, and sensations of peace, of comfort, and of guidance when asking Him for His help and His answers to my concerns. I recall from dark, rainy, cold nights when I would awaken frightened to death when I was a little girl, and I would pray with faith, asking God to calm my fears, and I felt so much peace, at sensing again as the fear fled from me, a warm sensation would come back, of peace, and later of security, at knowing that He is there, near me, that He does indeed know me, I am important to Him, He loves me, and he desires the best for me. That is why through the Holy Spirit, He does indeed communicate with me for anything that I ask of him in faith. Also, each time I would plead to Him in anguish to help me to find something I had lost, which was important for me, I could go back and look over the same place that I had already looked, and many times I found what had been lost, but after asking it of Him, and not before. Later when older, each time I would meet a young man whom I found interesting or special, I would turn to my Heavenly Father for guidance, to see if He would help me find the best person with whom I could be happy. And each time, I received my answer; many times it was a “No,” and only once was it a “Yes”!! And how marvelous that day was!

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