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Is the Hearse at Disneyland Really Brigham Young's?


Maybe you've heard the urban legend that the hearse outside Disneyland's Haunted Mansion was really used for Brigham Young's burial. While it's a popular Google search, this myth goes to show that Mormons love a good story almost as much as they love Disneyland. But there is one interesting Mormon connection to this feature at Disneyland that you might not have known.

Many Utahns love Disneyland and a popular fixture in the Anaheim, California, park is the Haunted Mansion, since its premiere in 1969. However, it is simply a myth that the white, horse-drawn hearse in front of the Disney attraction has any connection to Brigham Young.

The fact is his burial in 1877 never involved any hearse.

Despite this historical fact — and several Salt Lake TV news reports debunking the myth last year — a Google search on the subject still finds a substantial number of web sources still promoting the hearse as being President Young’s.

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