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Is There a Place for Divorced or Single Members in a Family-Centered Church?


MR says: For many going through the heartbreak of divorce, infertility, or singleness, Church can be a painful reminder that their family does not fit the type usually talked about in lessons and sacrament talks.

But understand that the gospel is foremost about the grace, love, and Atonement of our Savior, Jesus Christ, and He has prepared a place for all to be an important part in His work. Also know you are not alone, that many face similar challenges within the Church.

We received this poignant question from Kristen. This is a question that others have approached us with as well, so we are grateful for the opportunity to respond to it.

“Is there a place for my children and I in the Mormon church? I know that the Mormon church has wonderful family values and a strong faith. I would like to be a part of that again. However, I am afraid we will not be accepted because I am a divorced single mother.”

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Kristen, we are so glad you reached out. Please know with a resounding YES that there is a place for you and your dear children. This is the Savior’s Church, and He desires to gather all to Him. . . . A thought from Elder Dallin H. Oaks of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles comes to mind. Speaking to those who are divorced in the Church, he said, “We know that many of you are innocent victims—members whose former spouses persistently betrayed [marriage vows] or abandoned or refused to perform marriage responsibilities for an extended period. [People] who have experienced such abuse have firsthand knowledge of circumstances worse than divorce.”

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In this new collection, a variety of mental health professionals and others present their Latter-day Saint perspectives on divorce  and discuss women and divorce, men and divorce, children and divorce, dating again, blended families, remarriage, marriage counseling, and so on. All but one of the contributing authors can speak from personal experience about divorce. This book, which will help couples contemplating divorce and men and women who are working through divorce, offers guidance, ideas, comfort and gospel perspective for those struggling through the painful experience of divorce.


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