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John Bytheway: What Would You Give to Listen to God's Voice?


MR says: How far would you go and what would you give to hear your Heavenly Father or your Savior's voice? This weekend, no matter where you are in the world, you can hear God's voice and his counsel to you through his chosen prophets.

With General Conference coming up this weekend, I thought you might enjoy reading this experience of Elder M. Russell Ballard while visiting Bolivia:

Elder Ballard was assigned to preside over and speak at a Church regional conference in La Paz, Bolivia. Members traveled from far-off towns and small villages to attend the conference. A number of members had to sacrifice much time, effort, and money to get to the meetings so they could listen to the words of an apostle of God.

Prior to the Saturday evening meeting, Elder Ballard stood in front of the chapel to greet many of the arriving brethren. He noticed several brethren arriving somewhat disheveled and tired after what must have been a very long journey. As they approached the beloved apostle, he noticed the discoloration of the brothers’ shirts. From mid-chest above, the shirts maintained a clean white appearance However, from mid-chest and below, the white fabric had become discolored and stained with a reddish coloring. When they approached to shake his hand, they informed him that they were so pleased to have arrived in time to meet him.

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