Join Deseret Book for giveaways, insights from authors and artists, a cooking class, and more this Family Friday


Looking for a little weekend fun before general conference is underway? Deseret Book’s Virtual Family Friday might be just the thing before you settle in for the weekend to hear messages from our Church leaders. Between authors and artists, temple and general conference trivia, a cooking lesson with Tara Teaspoon, and giveaways galore, there’s something for everyone in the family to enjoy. Join us tonight from 6:00–7:00 p.m. (MDT) on the Deseret Book Facebook page to participate. You can also RSVP to the Facebook event here or watch the video at the end of the article after it premieres.  

Read more about the guests on Family Friday and how you can be a part of the giveaway below. Winners of the giveaway will be chosen and notified in the coming week. You can also find out about a discount code that can be used all weekend long!

  • • J. Scott Savage: The popular youth writer will discuss his latest book, The Lost Wonderland Diaries, where characters Celia and Tyrus fall into a portal that pulls them into the fantasy world of the White Rabbit and the Mad Hatter. But that’s not all—J. Scott Savage will also show curious readers how to find a hidden scene at the back of the book. Wish you could be pulled into Wonderland yourself? Enter the comment “wonderland” in the Facebook video for your chance to win your own copy of the diaries.
  • • Calee Reed: Listen to an uplifting message by singer Calee Reed and then find some inspiration through song as she sings “Come Unto Christ” for Family Friday. Can’t get enough? Take a look at Reed’s new book, Broken and Beautiful, or other items in her collection, including a t-shirt, necklace, pillows, canvas plaques, and her new EP, Take Courage My Heart. You can also win some of her new collection by writing “Calee Reed” in the comments of the Facebook video.
  • • Sierra Wilson: Author of the new book, Standout Saints: Church History Heroes From Around the World, Sierra Wilson will be talking about Anthony Obinna, the first convert of the Church in Nigeria, for Family Friday. Wilson will also be showing some of the striking illustrations from Standout Saints, which presents one-page biographies of both easily recognizable and lesser-known Latter-day Saints. To be entered in the giveaway for Standout Saints or these Heritage Dolls, six of which are featured in Wilson’s book, write “standout saints” in the comments of the Facebook video.
  • • Tara Teaspoon: You’re in for a treat as Tara Teaspoon, former food editor and stylist with Martha Stewart and food director of Ladies’ Home Journal magazine, shares some of her cooking tips with Family Friday participants tonight. Learn everything you need to know about her Soft Ginger Cookies with Orange Cream Cheese Filling during her demonstration, and even make some for the family to share using this PDF of the General Conference Family Prep Packet October 2020. Ready to try more of her tasty concoctions? Win a copy of her new cookbook or a virtual cooking class with Tara by writing “Tara Teaspoon” in the Facebook video comments.
  • • David Butler: Fans of “Don’t Miss This” host David Butler have come to the right place this Family Friday as the teacher and author of Almighty, Redeemer, and Spirit talks about how the trilogy came to be. Butler will also share valuable insights about teaching the family and other tips for at-home church. Wish you had a little more inspiration in your life? Enter “Spirit” as a comment in the Facebook video to win your own copy of the book, which teaches about the various roles the Holy Ghost has in our lives.
  • • The Gathering Home: Emily Belle Freeman, Jessica Kettle, and Katie Hughes are all stopping by this Family Friday in the form of two new videos. From talking about how gathering is different these days to what conference looks like for their families, you won’t want to miss these three women’s insights. Feeling inspired to do some gathering of your own? Start with this Olive Branch Charcuterie Board. Although temporarily out of stock, this item can still be ordered and will be delivered when available. You can also check out other products by The Gathering Home, including a welcome mat, framed art, a ceramic platter, and more. To win pieces of the collection, submit “gathering home” in the comments of the Facebook video.
  • • Brandon Mull: Watch three fans of writer Brandon Mull participate in a game of trivia and get a special surprise. Mull’s new book, Dragonwatch: Champion of the Titan Games, which is the fourth book in the Dragonwatch series, is available for preorder now and will debut on October 13. Wish you could give an autographed copy of the new book to a friend or a loved one? Enter for a signed copy by writing “Dragonwatch” in the comments of the Family Friday Facebook video.

Looking for other Deseret Book products this weekend? You’re in luck! Deseret Book is having a general conference sale this weekend. Use the code CONF20 at or in store for 20 percent off your purchases this weekend, valid through Saturday, October 3 (regular excursions apply). Have a lot on your list to order this weekend? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered—free shipping is available for customers with orders over $75 (no code needed).

Join us with the video below, which will premiere at 6:00 p.m. (MDT). 

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