Join this episode of the Sunday on Monday study group for free in honor of Black History Month


Celebrate Black History Month with free access to this week’s episode of LDS Living’s Come, Follow Me podcast, The Sunday on Monday study group. An episode that focuses on the experiences of Black members of the Church, is now available for free on Deseret Bookshelf through the end of February 2021.

Guests on this week’s episode, Tamu Smith and Yahosh Bonner, invite everyone to join the conversation and seek to better understand how we can strive to build Zion by creating an inclusive environment in our wards and stakes.

“Say hi to me. Developing a relationship with people who don't look like you. Educating your children. Talking about these issues with your children so when they first hear it, it comes from a place of love, a place of understanding,” Yahosh Bonner says in the episode.

Find and share this special free episode here and then listen to it by downloading the Deseret Bookshelf app or through read.deseretbook.com once you have added the episode to your library.

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