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Join us for Conference Prep Week with Deseret Book


Join your favorite authors and artists in preparing your family to receive guidance and inspiration during April general conference. Every day this week, there will be a new video along with a new deal leading up to Deseret Book’s conference sale starting on Friday, April 1—20% off the entire site* + free shipping on orders over $99.

Conference Prep Week

March 28–April 1
Follow along for an inspiring new video each day on Deseret Book’s Facebook and Instagram. Each video will be available starting at 6 pm MDT and will feature insights on a different topic from some of your favorite authors and artists. Scroll down to see each of the daily videos and messages after they have aired.

Monday, March 28: “Everyday Disciples” with Taylor Ricks

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“Everyday Disciples”

20% off on Monday, March 28

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Tuesday, March 29: “The Immanuel Wreath” with David Butler and Emily Belle Freeman

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The Immanuel Wreath

20% off on Tuesday, March 30

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Wednesday, March 30: “The Family” with Nnamdi Okonkwo

CPW-Artboard 12.jpg

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Thursday, March 31: “Scrumptious” with Christy Denney

CPW-Artboard 13.jpg


20% off on Thursday, March 31

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Friday, April 1: “Higher” with Ben Truman

CPW-Artboard 14.jpg

“Quiet Revolution”

20% off during Deseret Book's conference sale

Deseret Book's Conference Sale

In stores: 20% off your purchase* on Friday, April 1 (and on Saturday, April 2 at the flagship store in Salt Lake City).

Online: 20% off your purchase* with code SPRCONF22 and free shipping on orders over $99 (no code needed) Friday, April 1–Sunday, April 3.

*Regular exclusions apply

*Regular exclusions apply. See for details.

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