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Join us for ‘Conference Prep Week’ with these daily prompts from Work + Wonder


General conference is right around the corner! This Sunday marks the beginning of Work + Wonder's “Conference Prep Week.” What's that, you ask? Each conference, Work + Wonder gives you a different prompt for the days leading up to conference to help you prepare for and get more out of general conference weekend.

The Work + Wonder workbooks have guided pages dedicated to “Conference Prep Week.” The pages for the week are also available for free online, as well as an engineer print for the whole family to stay on track together. The prompts are all listed below and we'll be sharing them each day on our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages. Work + Wonder will be posting videos and additional content related to “Conference Prep Week,” so make sure to follow along over there as well!

Sunday: Prayer and Scripture Study

When we make a consistent effort to dedicate our time to the simple yet significant things, it demonstrates our faith to the Lord and brings promised blessings and His spirit into our lives.

How will I commit to spend time in the scriptures every day this week?

How can we renew our commitment to studying Come, Follow Me as a family?

What difference will I notice if I kneel every time I pray this week?

Who can I pray for by name? Can I ask them what they would like me to pray for specifically?

Read a powerful quote from each talk of the October 2020 general conference.

Monday: Establish a House of God

Our homes can become a sanctuary of faith as we “prepare every needful thing” and create an environment that is welcoming to the Spirit and invites more personal revelation.

Read Doctrine & Covenants 109:8. What does establishing a “house of order” look like in our home? How can we “organize ourselves” this week?

How can we speak more gently and lovingly to those in our homes?

What is one thing I can do to strengthen my home as a refuge to protect from the influence of the adversary?

What household project can I check off my list so I can rest this weekend?

Tuesday: Plan Ahead and Set Goals

Look ahead and plan the weekend so that conference can be the focus, not an interruption. Keep plans and activities simple so you and your family can focus on the spirit that conference brings!

When and where will I watch? If I can't watch it live, how will I commit to watching it later? How much will I watch? What can I wear or do that will allow me to be most attentive to the messages this weekend?

What can I prepare for my children to help them stay focused and reverent?

Though many of us are not able to attend the temple at this time, is there a day this week we can visit the temple grounds to remind ourselves of the Spirit that can be felt there and the blessings that are promised to us?

Am I prepared for our family conference traditions? Can I plan meals in advance to reduce stress and allow for a more relaxed meal time with family?

Wednesday: Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Active listening means coming prepared with questions. By doing so, we are demonstrating to the Lord that we are willing to act in faith and believe in His power to heal, comfort, and bless.

Having a question in mind can make all the difference as we listen. Remember, there are no wrong questions.

It might help to share and discuss your questions with a loved one, or maybe you keep them close to your heart.

Offer a prayer to the Lord sometime before conference and lay your questions before him.

Decide now how you will respond if answers don't come at a time, or in a way, that you anticipated. How can you remain hopeful and faith-filled?

Thursday: Engage in the Work and Invite

Members of His church or not, everyone can feel God's love at general conference. Especially today, many are in need of the peace and reassurance that this weekend will offer.

Who do I know that might be seeking for more peace right now?

Do I have family members that might need a reminder to tune in? Do I know someone who is inactive that could use friendship to go along with an invite? Share with them why you are choosing to watch.

Do I have friends that may not know what general conference is? Because we believe in living prophets and apostles, when other religions don't, they'll likely be curious to learn more!

Offer a prayer asking the Lord to guide you and calm your discomforts. Focus on the invite and friendship, don't worry about what comes next.

Friday: Review the Power and Blessings

Take some time to be reminded of the blessing it is to be led by a modern-day prophet as well as the gift you have to receive personal revelation and hear Him.

Study scriptures from the Topical Guide under “revelation,” “seer,” “hearken,” or “divine guidance.”

Recognize that you have the gift to receive personal revelation specific to you, even while the leaders speak to a worldwide church.

Take some time today to discuss with your family or friends how you have been blessed by conference in the past.

How well do you know the leaders of our church? Spend a moment learning something new about them!

Review a promise or invitation from every talk of the October 2020 general conference.

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