President Nelson spoke about God’s ‘fabulous’ plan—How can we see it the same way?


Upon going back and reading President Nelson’s address “Think Celestial!”, there were some unique punctuation choices. All the exclamation points were hopeful signs that Heavenly Father’s plan is a fabulous one! But sometimes it can feel overwhelming to know how to apply all that gusto to our own dilemmas and hardships.

Kaylen Nelson joined the Magnify podcast this week and shared three spiritual reminders that she felt while listening to and studying this talk.

  1. Begin with the end in mind
    This has been a major theme that President Nelson has shared. He’s invited us to think big picture. Thinking celestial shouldn’t add to our stress and make us think of all the ways we’re falling short, instead, it should help relieve that stress knowing that the Savior intends for all of us to make it when we partake in the Atonement of Jesus Christ.
    “This is the time to prepare to meet God, but I hope people don’t take this too far and feel like there is no hope for themselves or their loved ones in the next life! We have the fabulous plan of God to help us through,” shares Kaylen.
  2. Our thoughts precede our actions
    If we could just think a little higher and holier, we could avoid a lot of heartache. President Nelson has seen a lot in his 99 years of living—including his own fair share of heartache—and he is inviting us to think celestial as a way to help us in our decision-making.
    “Notice the punctuation when he invites us to think celestial in different moments. Sometimes there are exclamation points and sometimes there are periods. This taught me that sometimes those emotions can be real and lead us to how we can react.”
  3. The Savior is my solace
    Sometimes it can be easy to turn to our obsessions as ways to comfort ourselves. But President Nelson warns that any addiction we turn to will rob us of our agency because it will become our god rather than Him.
    “I did an exercise where I asked myself will I feel better if I just ... fill in the blank? Will I feel better if I just yell at this person who wronged me, lose myself in this form of media, numb myself with this substance, etc.? There are times when that can be helpful, but I can’t let myself lose sight of Jesus Christ being my true solace.”

Hear more of Kaylen’s story on this week’s episode of The Magnify Podcast.

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