Kirby Heyborne swinging a flaming microwave? This Church video is unexpectedly hilarious

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YouTube screenshot.

Latter-day Saint actor Kirby Heyborne is back at it again, and we couldn’t be happier.

A recent inspirational video produced by the Church brings to life a story from Elder Kelly R. Johnson’s 2020 October general conference talk. In the video, Elder Johnson (whose younger self is played by Heyborne) describes how his daughter used a microwave oven to time her 30-minute piano practice, but because there wasn’t anything in the microwave to absorb the energy, the appliance caught on fire.

The video takes on a humorous, melodramatic air as Heyborne, in slow motion, holds the microwave by the plug and dashes outside. The rest of his family watches in shock as he swings the burning appliance around in the air before launching it onto some dirt, all while dramatic music plays in the background.

Elder Johnson compares the burning microwave to how we can suffer negative consequences if we neglect to draw on God’s power to prepare for the future.

Watch the video below.

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