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LDS Archaeologists Begin Digging and Diving at What Could Be Nephi's Bountiful


The remains of an ancient Hebrew temple and a landscape that fits Nephi's description of Bountiful perfectly have been discovered, and now, a Muslim country has granted LDS archaeologists a chance to dig at the site. Find out more about this exciting expedition here.

Overhead a sound like a hive of bees hums as a quadcopter drone takes photos and videos of every possible angle of Khor Kharfot, the candidate for Nephi’s Bountiful that hardly anyone questions. Below in the vast, blue ocean, scuba divers explore underwater for anything left from 2600 years ago.

The month of February archaeologists have descended in this remote, almost inaccessible place to sift the dirt and find its secrets, but this week is the height of activity. Twenty-three of us are here, representing different specialties and skills, to probe this place, asking questions whose answers may lie buried here.

We have two major hypotheses: 1) that Khor Kharfot is Nephi’s Bountiful and 2) that there is an Israelite sanctuary here built with the sacred geometry found in Solomon’s Temple. That geometry is like a signature upon the place and will become even more clear with the work we do over time. Archaeology is a patient process, but new technology is opening doors never before dreamed possible.

The multi-disciplinary group who have arrived here, tools in hand, are particularly geared to search for these answers, but they won’t come easily.

Lead image from Meridian Magazine.
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