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LDS Father & Son Cut Open an Olympic Torch to See What's Inside


What would compel LDS father and son Daniel and Lincoln Markham to saw an authentic Rio 2016 Olympic Torch in half?

Because that's what the Markham's are famous for—cutting things up to see what's inside.

What started out as an elementary science project for Lincoln soon turned into the YouTube channel "What's Inside"—a channel with now over 3.3 million subscribers.

At 10-years-old, Lincoln wanted to find out what different sports balls were made of for his school science project. His father, Daniel, decided to help Lincoln by making videos of the two of them cutting open sports balls.

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The Markhams posted their videos to YouTube, where they quickly took off. After Lincoln and Daniel ran out of sports equipment to cut in half, they moved onto new products—everything from fire extinguishers and lava lamps to drones and MacBooks.

Now, the Markhams have moved on to Olympic equipment. Check out these videos of them finding out what's inside an Olympic torch and a pole vault pit.

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What's inside an Olympic Torch?
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What's inside a Pole Vault Pit?

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